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Random Projects

A day to day projects which were not a full campaign but I enjoyed working on, for example a single print Ad, Poster, etc.. 

and some of them got awarded

Dubai lynx-01.jpg

Lynx Competition - Bronze Award

For the first time in UAE Artists will compete in an annual painting competition, which targets the very high end community who has interests in collecting and buying Art Paintings. A world class panel of judges will select the best 30 artworks as finalists and these finalists would be publicly exhibited and auctioned in Hong Kong. The revenue of this auction will be used to support children community centers against sexual abuse, drugs and violence


Mobily Ringtone Offer- Print Ad

Mobily is a leading UAE-KSA telecom company across the Mena region, they have a service called RANNAN which is basically a ringtone service you order to be assigned to your sim so anyone who calls you will hear your favorite ringtone or song. As soon you subscribe to this service you'll be entering a draw to Winn your dream car and the more ringtones you order the higher your chances are.


Black Berry PRIV - Poster

One of the strongest features of BlackBerry PRIV is its Screen as you can see almost every single detail in whatever your watching on it and in this case if you are watching something about the nature you will get this feeling that the video is very realistic and something would come out of the screen.


Ford Car Sanitizer

Ford Arabia came up with a new air refresher and a sanitizer at the same time to improve the car's atmosphere and to get rid of germs once and for all


Elm - Cybersecurity Protocole

Elm is a leading company in the Mena region specialized in companies securities they've developed a new cybersecurity protocol to prevent any kind of hacking to their data and privacy, so unless you are an employee there and you are authorized to log in to their system, you have no chance to solve their security matrix. 


ARLA - Booth and Shelves Design

Arla is a milk products company located in the Middle East, they've asked for a rebranding for their existence in supermarkets interms of booth design as a selling point and their shelves, so I came out with this concept to give consumers a statement that Arla's products are very natural and coming straight from the field and farms to your hands.

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