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Domestic Violence - UN

The Problem

It is estimated that 35% of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or sexual violence by a non-partner (not including sexual harassment) at some point in their lives. However, some national studies show that up to 70 per cent of women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime. Evidence shows that women who have experienced physical or sexual intimate partner violence report higher rates of depression, having an abortion and acquiring HIV, compared to women who have not.

It is estimated that of the 87,000 women who were intentionally killed in 2017 globally, more than half (50,000- 58 %) were killed by intimate partners or family members, meaning that 137 women across the world are killed by a member of their own family every day. More than a third (30,000) of the women intentionally killed in 2017 were killed by their current or former intimate partner and based on data from 30 countries, only one per cent ever sought professional help or even toke the courage to speak out about it.


We can say that almost every single women in the world has a social media account wether its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc,, and every one of them wants to look pretty on Social Media even if her Posts don't reflect the reality ,so I used social media platforms to encourage all women who are getting abused to share the true side of their lives and to tell them that their bruises can lead them to their freedom and every woman should post what's really happening with her instead of fake posts, their stories are very power-full, every story can help stopping domestic violence, can help breaking other abused woman's silence, can simply give hope for those who haven't any, these women can empower each other to share the truth.


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UN Women


Magazine Special Excution

I made a small ad for L'oreal Paris new Mascara to attract the woman's attention except that its not an actual Ad, the informations written on it were actually from the last UN Statistics about women abuse worldwide

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