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About the client

Al Khozama is a Management Company that has been the frontrunner in the development and management of luxurious hotels in key locations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Combining smart investment in prime properties, outstanding vision for tomorrow’s trends and an innovative approach to management. Al Khozama boasts a diversified business model that covers the ownership, investment and management of properties in the hospitality, retail and office sectors and is the only locally inspired brand in the hospitality sector that has such a wide-ranging portfolio – from leisure resorts and city center business hotels, to those in religiously significant location. Al Khozama ranks in the top 100 companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the top three in the hospitality industry.


The word Al Khozama is the Arabic meaning of the lavender plant from which I came out with the whole rebranding process. The lavender was a perfect fit for this project in terms of shapes and colors because it has the color Purple which combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red and often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, stability, and ambition. I played around a bit with the shapes and color shades and came out with a very nice result.


Identity & Branding


Al Khozama

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